Together To Help The World Better!

Please help us change lives around the world.

Love Comes to the Rescue

Love is at the heart of Dianne and Lillie Foundation.

We sincerely believe that everyone deserves to have his/her basic needs met.  The aim of the organization is to have people around the world donate to build one nation at a time and to sponsor one child in each nation at a time.

The goal of the foundation is to continue to add other regions. The foundation will continue to establish systems to meet the basic needs of the under-served population in every region of the world.

Ultimately, in the world, the foundation is creating areas that will end up looking like “Little Paradise Regions”!
We may not be able to walk every inch of the earth, but every inch of the earth will have our legacy of love and an imprint of hope on their hearts in every region of the world.

Dream the Impossible Dream
that Reaches Unreachable Stars Project


Dianne and Lillie Foundation has found that the quest for clean water provision in developing countries is a Siamese twin of food security provision.

Food Security

Dianne and Lillie Foundation has found that sustainable agriculture was and remains, an important part of the answer to food security.


Dianne and Lillie Foundation health facilities focus on improving access to primary care services in underserved rural communities and utilizes a team approach to health care delivery within a community.


Dianne and Lillie Foundation education programs start at Kindergarten and progress to high school. Currently in Abidjan, Corte D’Ivoire the education program includes Adult Literacy Program (ALP).