Food Security

There are 132 million fewer hungry people around the world than there were 20 years ago. However, despite this significant improvement, there are almost 1 billion people who still suffer from chronic hunger. Of the world’s hungry people, 98% live in developing countries. However, children are the most vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies. Approximately 5 million children die each year because of poor nutrition. Access to adequate food during the first 3 years of life is vitally important for healthy future generations. Even a temporary lack of food during these early years has an adverse effect on physical and intellectual development.

70% of poor farmers who live in poverty can usually produce enough food for their own village. However, there must be more investment to help these farmers produce for food security. Dianne and Lillie Foundation believes that real food security is more credible when they grow their own food. We think the way to do this is by helping farmers find ways to plant and grow nutritious food to secure necessary health and growth. Food security is dependent on the sustainability of the food supply.

Dianne and Lillie Foundation will partner with global farmers to give them greater liberalization of agricultural implementation and livelihood. For less than $3 per day, you can provide support to food security. A contribution of $40 can help farmers sustain local food production and save children lives. Your donations will have a significant impact on food security by aiding in finding homegrown solutions to food production in developing countries. Our team effort will help alleviate hunger, poverty, child undernourishment and or death in the indigenous, marginalized and dis-empowered villages.