ME United

by Naveed Javaid

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New York, New York., United States (US)

Naveed Javaid

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Campaign Story

For those who see the news and your heart breaks.

For those who do not speak up because you feel it is not your place.

For those who stay silent because they feel like they cannot relate.

And for those who are too tired of tolerating unfounded hate.

This is for you.

This is for those who are too timid to protest.

For those who do not understand the riots.

And for everyone who feels unheard.

This is our voice.

At this very moment we need every race to unite together as one. I want to give you the words that no matter who you are you can have a voice in this movement.

The words are: “It Could Be Me”or “It Can Be Me”.

This. Is. Our. Voice.

When you say it can be me it means that it physically could be you or it could be someone you know, “it can be me”.

This needs to be personal. Your family and friends need to know that it can be you who is affected. We need to know that it is you that is hurting and affected. We need to hear you.

When you say the words it can be me and they ask you how, let them know about your friend Eric. Let them know about your classmate. Let them know about your students, your athletes, your teammate, your coworker, your husband, your boyfriend, your Dad, or your son and tell them that you don’t want to lose them.

Then share this message and let them know how it can be them too. Tell them to share the fact “it can be me”. We want to show the world how personal it really is.

It’s supposed to feel uncomfortable when we say it can be me. It is supposed to wake up our loved ones because I do not want it to be you. I do not want it to be me.



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