The Banda Project: “Better than Good” Water Well and Food Security

About Allan Banda

Sunrise- June 1 st, 1943, in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe
Sunset-June 25,2022, in Annapolis Maryland

One of Allan’s famous quotes was “Better than Good”. No matter what was happening around him, good or not-so-good he always maintained a positive outlook on life. Even when Allan became terminally ill, his answer to how he was doing was always “Better than Good”, even when he only had a whisper left in his voice.

His Life was Better than Good because of his Faith in God, his love for his wife (Dianne Banda) whom he called “Me Love, his love for his children, grandchildren, and all his family and friends. He enjoyed fishing, gardening, teaching others, traveling, and vacationing especially during his timeshare in the mountains. He was famous for his cooking, especially how he cooked ox tails, short beef ribs, beef neck bones, fish, cow feet, greens, and basmati rice. Truly his food was always “Better than Good.” He truly loved feeding others until he jokingly said when the person was full, “I hope you have eaten enough until you are now Fed Up.

The Banda Project is so important because Allan had a dream that he along with his wife would place water wells and food security in many areas especially his hometown Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa to save the lives of hundreds of thousands. Banda knew that there was little he could do to save his life due to Metastatic Prostate Cancer, but he dreamed of saving the lives of others by providing clean water and food security, especially for children.

Our Souls are crying due to the loss of Banda’s life. However, the Dianne and Lillie Foundation’s dream is to bring Allan’s dream to a reality by turning Allan’s famous Quote “Better than Good” into a legacy to stop the souls of the marginalized from crying because they lack clean water and food. Dianne and Lillie Foundation will support The Banda’s Project which will help prevent diseases to the marginalized through the “Better than Good” Water Well and Food Security.

Some of Allan’s Characteristics are that he was methodical, intelligent, extremely kind, strong and courageous, wise, selfless, peaceful, quiet, modest, patient, passionate, gentle, giving, loving, a servant leader, and a great provider. Allan did not worry about anything and was known for being a jack of all trades and a master of them all. He would be pleased to know that lives are being saved through his legacy and famous quote “Better than Good”. The aim of the Banda Project is to provide better-than-good lives to the marginalized.

Please help us give life to others through our “Better than Good” Water well and Food Security Projects. Help us promote Allan’s Legacy by saving the lives of many others. You can help do this by donating to the Better than Good Water Well and Food Security Program: Starting in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe which will be the second project as Allan and Dianne were able to complete a water well in Malawi in 2021 which is currently servicing hundreds of people in that Region. The Banda Project will be an extension and continuation of that which has been started in memory of Allan A. Banda. Our Memorial/Fundraising service will be held June 24th, 2023 at Owen Brown Interfaith Center, 7426 Cradle Rock Way, Columbia MD from 11a-2p.

The Better Than Good


When: Saturday, June 24th, 2023
Time: 11a-2p
Location: Owen Brown Interfaith Center, 7246 Cradle Rock Way Columbia MD 21045

The Banda Project will provide clean water and food to thousands of Zimbabweans in the providence of Bulawayo. Banda was one of the pillars of the DLF committed to lifting the downtrodden out of poverty and despair. We will be giving Hope and Life to the community in which he grew up. Learn more about Allan Banda.

We will have an unforgettable afternoon with the following:

Personal trainers

Nutritional counseling

Weight Loss

Ask the Expert

Home Care

Real Estate

Financial Management

Red Carpet Photo Shoots



Guest Speaker

Raffles, and so much more.

We are traveling to Zimbabwe in August 2023 to commemorate the passing of Banda and break ground on a water well and pledge support for a food security program in the neighborhood where Banda grew up called Luveve.   We invite you to support the Banda Project by attending the DLF fundraiser.

Purchase your tickets here or give at the door!